Mainlining MSM8960 Device - Initramfs Issue

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Fri Sep 17 05:16:03 EDT 2021

Hello all,

I'm trying to learn about Linux by mainlining my device, the Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-I437. It has a MSM8960 SoC (quite old).

I'm trying to get postmarketOS's initramfs to show (I bundle it up with the kernel), but unlike the downstream kernel, nothing appears in the UART console. I know the initramfs is fine (since it works with other devices, including my own device with its downstream kernel). My next step would be to open a debug-console so I can interact with the device, and make it easier to debug further mainlining attempts. However, the last thing it always outputs is "random: crng init done" instead of "### postmarketOS initramfs ###". I'm guessing the problem might have something to do with the kernel itself.

Here are my logs. I booted my phone twice to see if there was any difference (delineated with "ÿ[1390] AST_POWERON"):
My device's DTS is the following (Based on the mainlined MSM8960 DTS):
Here's the commands I use for making and flashing my kernel (It's annotated for your convenience):
Here are the CONFIG_* options I changed (after doing "make qcom_defconfig"):
And finally, here is the downstream kernel for my phone (which properly outputs the postmarketOS initramfs output):

I'm not sure what you would need to help me (I'm guessing the logs and maybe downstream kernel will help, but you guys are pros, while I'm a noob :P), so I basically sent the entire process I have done so far. Who knows, I probably missed something silly, like a CONFIG_* option :P.

I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to ask for this type of help. I asked in postmarketOS's Matrix room several times, but it seems like nobody knew what the problem was. I'm hoping that after several weeks of head scratching that someone can point me in a direction that can help me get mainline Linux working on this old device.

Thank you,
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