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Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at
Fri Sep 3 07:00:55 EDT 2021


Adverg Ebashinskii wrote:
> The reason I looked for some bugs is that I’m not
> really interested in driver development and digging into details of a
> specific hardware. So I tried to get into some core subsystems like fs, net,
> cgroups, etc... 

I could offer bugs of isofs with explanations and patch proposals:

- isofs: prevent file time rollover after year 2038
  Change the return type of function iso_date() from int to time64_t.

- isofs: truncate oversized Rock Ridge names to 255 bytes
  Do not discard all bytes of the NM field where the overflow occurs, but
  rather append them to the accumulated name before truncating it to exactly
  255 bytes.
  Map trailing incomplete UTF-8 bytes to '_'.

- isofs: fix Oops with zisofs and large PAGE_SIZE
  (No replies since 2020-11-20. I hope the tester of this patch still
   has the machine to confirm that the patch is still good.)

What is obviously missing with my skills is ability to get attention of
kernel developers for isofs and their trust that the proposals don't make
things worse.

As developer of libisofs and libburn i can provide motivations and
facts from that experience. There would be 4 bugs in cdrom and sr to be
fixed, 2 wishlist changes for them, and 2 wishlist changes for isofs.
An example can be seen at

(My patch proposals were tested with kernels of a year ago. One of them
meanwhile needs rework due to the demise of the .readpages method:
  isofs: Give zisofs a .readpages() method for use by mm/readahead
My kernel development machine from then meanwhile has a production job.)

Have a nice day :)


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