Any tracing mechanism can track the executed instructions of a user process in the kernel?

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> +Brendan Gregg

Good catch!

Take a look at his "System Performance, 2nd ed., ISBN 978-0-13-682015-4.

He has an interesting blog at

As Greg, Pavel, and I said, use GDB if you need it. However I'd still
consider using the "func_graph" tracer of ftrace in order to know where to
attach GDB in the calls chain.

With ftrace you'll also get info about which CPU is running (you wrote that
you need to know this information).

Now I recall that, by using Perf,  somehow I was able to go interactively
down to the assembly code and see where it was stuck in an endless loop.

Unfortunately at this moment I cannot remember how I did that and I cannot
try to reproduce it for you because these days I'm away from my PC (I'm
writing with a smartphone). Please try to figure it out by your own.



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