kernel doesn't start booting after chaning to minimum config (on qemu arm64 machine)

Chan Kim ckim at
Wed Oct 13 04:21:58 EDT 2021

Hi Greg K-H,

> There are two different ways of getting a "minimal" kernel
> configuration:
> 	- start with a working one and remove items until something
> 	  breaks
> 	- start with a minimal config and keep adding things until it
> 	  works.
> Usually the first option is the easier one, as it should go faster and you
> can figure out exactly what is needed.  The second way is just blindly
> guessing, like it seems you are doing here.
> Best of luck!
> greg k-h

After reading your email I thought I'd try just a couple of more additions (because gradually removing will take so long..) and tried adding the most suspicious ones. Then I found CONFIG_SERIAL_AMBA_PL011, CONFIG_SERIAL_AMBA_PL011_CONSOLE and CONFIG_SERIAL_EARLYCON_ARM_SEMIHOST were not set! (qemu virt machine uses PL011 not PL010 which was set). After this addition, it boots ok to the shell! I was very luck.. 😊
Thank you,
Best regards,

Chan Kim

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