career advice - which subsystem should I focus on?

Sohaib Mhmd xunilams at
Fri Oct 8 08:10:35 EDT 2021

Hello great people,

I'm an undergrad student and I want to focus on a subsystem.
I'm confused between 2 options: performance and file systems.
(I think focusing on just one thing is the optimal way to make useful
contributions for me and other people)

By Performance, I mean things like perf - ftrace - ptrace,, etc
These things are at the same extension to Htop and PCP as I'm already made
non-trivial contributions with them and I have a solid idea about them.

And the file system I nominated it because it's clear to my mind.
now the kernel has 86 file systems:
$ cd linux/Documentation/filesystems/ && ls | wc -l

The performance is not as well known as the filesystem. (I think)

I am afraid to choose something, focus on it, and spend a lot of time, then
I find out that it was not the best career path for me...

What do you think?
Which one of them do you prefer?
Do you have other recommendations?
What project you did and make big difference in your mind when you were on
my level?

Thanks for your patience :)

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