Kernel module that shuts down the device

Drew Abbott abbotta4 at
Mon Nov 8 15:53:37 EST 2021

> There's a whole bunch of ways to schedule work in the kernel, it doesn't
have to be
> a heartbeat function.
> Plenty of drivers are split into IRQ and non-IRQ parts (sometimes called
the top and
> bottom parts of the driver).  See how they get info from the IRQ part to
the non-IRQ part.

I saw that this driver and others use workqueues to run longer functions
outside of the irq handlers in the process context, so I tried scheduling a
simple work struct that calls kernel_power_off() with this new patch:
after reading up on workqueues a bit here:
but the device still seems to hang at the blocking_notifier_call_chain()
call. Is there something else I am missing here, other than leaving the irq

> But step back, why would this driver ever want to shut down the machine
> at all?  What problem are you trying to solve by making changes in this
> driver?

This change is to help the factory team test the devices before they are
fully assembled. There are a series of tests that they run on different
components and being able to unplug the device to trigger a shutdown is one
of their priorities. I hope that sheds some light on the context of these
patches and the strange functionality I am trying to implement. Sorry if it
caused any confusion.

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