Getting backtrace of a process

hemanth nandish hemanthluvsfifa at
Mon Jun 14 11:10:57 EDT 2021

I am trying to get create a custom error log of a process when it causes a
segmentation fault.
We can modify the* /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern* file to pipe the core
information to a handler binary.

I am trying to use the *libunwind *library within this handler to also get
the backtrace information but it is failing.

As per my understanding, the *do_coredump* kills the faulty process inside
*coredump_wait*  function before invoking the userspace handler,
This might be the reason the libunwind fails to gather the backtrace as it
uses PTRACE calls.

Is there any way to overcome this without modifying the kernel code?
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