why does an in-tree loadable module taint the kernel

Greg KH greg at kroah.com
Mon Jun 14 03:20:11 EDT 2021

On Mon, Jun 14, 2021 at 01:09:25AM -0600, jim.cromie at gmail.com wrote:
> serio_raw is apparently tainting the kernel when its modprobed.
> why ?  other modules load properly, no code changes to this module
> bash-5.1# dmesg | grep -i taint
> [    6.517150] serio_raw: module verification failed: signature and/or
> required key missing - tainting kernel

You did not build this with the correct module signing key that your
kernel was built with.  That is what this warning is showing you, try
building all modules with the same key as your kernel had and you should
be fine.


greg k-h

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