MTD: How to get actual image size from MTD partition

Richard Weinberger richard at
Thu Jul 29 07:45:44 EDT 2021


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> Ouch, so surprised that after all these years someone is doing squashfs/mtdblock
> instead of using ubiblock :-)
> Can we patch either Kconfig or add some warn_once on mtdblock
> usage, suggesting to use ubiblock instead?

a hint in Kconfig makes IMHO sense. Do you want to send a patch?
A warning is too much since on some tiny embedded system with NOR flash mtdblock is still
a good choice.
ubiblock is mostly useful for NAND flash.

> I remember there was still some use case(s) for mtdblock but I can't remember
> now what was it, perhaps we should document the expectations?
> (Is that for JFFS2 to mount?)

a long time ago mount didn't accept character devices, so you had to pass mtdblockX to mount
This limitation is gone.


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