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Mon Jul 12 17:12:45 EDT 2021

On Sat, 10 Jul 2021 11:22:59 -0000, Anton Baltser said:

> I'm trying to get involved into Kernel Devolopment and confused about where I
> can take the first task to complete.

There's always low-hanging fruit in drivers/staging.  The various drivers there
*should* have a TODO.  And of course pretty much everything in drivers/staging
needs typo fixes and fixing formatting, so those are always easy targets - just
don't blindly fix warnings without checking that the fix actually
makes the code better - there's been plenty of submitted patches for "goes past
column 80" that just made things uglier.

If you're feeling more ambitious, go through the TODOs - and clean out
entries that have already been taken care of. This might not be a good
thing for a first-time kernel hacker, as you'll need some experience with
git to really sort out what's been done.

You should also go read this:
and then ask yourself *why* you're wanting to submit patches.
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