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Sat Jul 10 10:27:48 EDT 2021

 Thanks Cláudio Maia,
Extremely useful. I'd like to ask a question regarding Kernel bugzilla . There are plenty of bugs there some of them are from more or less familar subsytems to me.
Is it generally useful to pick a random bug from there and try to make up a patch?

 Regards,Anton Baltser.
    суббота, 10 июля 2021 г., 14:30:33 GMT+3, Cláudio Maia <clrrm at> написал(-а):  
 On 10/07/21 12:22, Anton Baltser wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to get involved into Kernel Devolopment and confused about where I can take the first task to complete. AFAIK this is usually a code cleanup task, but what kind of code cleanup is available to do.
> Thanks!
> Regards,
> Anton Baltser.

For an easy to follow introduction on how to submit your first patch, you can watch this talk ( by Greg Kroah-Hartman at FOSDEM 2010 entitled "Write and Submit your first Linux kernel Patch". I believe this is a good starting point to guide through the process.

Cláudio Maia
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