How to comment or reply to others?

Abd-Alrhman Masalkhi abd.masalkhi at
Sun Jul 4 05:13:08 EDT 2021

hello jim, thanks for your reply, I think that my question has not some useful information, I should have specify the problem more clearly

I am having some trouble replying and comment on threads in the Linux Kernel Mailing List, I have submitted some patches and then I have received some comments from reviews, I tried to reply to them by just prefixing the subject line with "Re:"

First, I made some changes and commit them using:

git commit -a

Then I have formatted the commit using:

git format-patch master..fix-warning

After that, I have edit the output from:

Subject: [PATCH] description-of-the-patch


Subject: Re: [PATCH] description-of-the-patch

Then, I have send it using:

git send-email --to linux-block at --cc linux-kernel at name-of-the-patch.patch

I have allready set up the .gitconfig file with following configuration:

smtpEncryption = ssl
smtpServer =
smtpUser = my-email-address at
smtpServerPort = 465

It did not worked and what happened is that instead of replying to the reviewer, I end up creating a new thread in LKML... I know the path that I have taken does not seems right for replying to a commit lol, before doing all that, I looked into the FAQ in LKML website, for how to reply to comments I have not find an answer, I have google it, and also I have not find any answer then I tried to press on "reply all" in Gmail App on apple OS it did not worked too...

I posted the question on stackoverflow website, they advised me to use --in-reply-to option with git send-email, so now I have wrote the email and specified that option, I hope it worked.. after all that!

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