Seeking advice on "monkey patching" a driver

Ian Pilcher arequipeno at
Fri Jul 2 11:16:44 EDT 2021

On 7/2/21 7:20 AM, Greg KH wrote:
> Again, without a real patch, no maintainer or developer will ever say if
> they will, or will not, accept such a thing.  That's just not how kernel
> development works.  Working patches are what is discussed as that proves
> that at least, the idea works.

And that's certainly their prerogative.  You asked why I hadn't
attempted to submit changes upstream to address my issue, and I provided
my reasons for not doing so.

After several experiences where I've invested a significant (to me)
amount of time, only to ultimately be told that the functionality that I
implemented really wasn't desired, I'm very reluctant to repeat that
experience (and I honestly don't think that's particularly selfish or

This doesn't mean that I absolutely won't make an attempt to do this.
As I mentioned in my previous note, the existence of ledtrig-disk.c
gives me some hope that changes might be accepted.

I'll just have to see ...

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