laptop iwlwifi suddenly not working

jim.cromie at jim.cromie at
Fri Jul 2 09:39:07 EDT 2021

On Thu, Jul 1, 2021 at 9:53 PM Connor Kuehl <cipkuehl at> wrote:
> Maybe there’s a hardware switch that toggles airplane mode? Might not be, since I’d think that would be kind of redundant if there’s a fn key dedicated to it, but I remember my previous laptops had a physical slider switch for airplane mode. Might be worth checking to see if your laptop has one and if it was accidentally toggled.

nope.  2 older laptops have that switch, but not this one.
One of the leds on the edge is a wifi indicator,
it turns on/off when I hit F12, they are in sync with WM-screen notifications

There is a bios update, but it requires windows to install, long gone
with dead hd.
Im trying to download a windows iso, I'll try sticking it on a Usb and
try booting it,
but Im not optimistic

> Connor

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