Does 'make oldconfig' work across different architectures?

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> Hello folks,
> When we want to use an old .config file for a new kernel build, we can use
> (place in build location) that .config and do ‘make oldconfig’ so that the
> build system lets us to fill the new config variables.
> I'm curious if this 'make oldconfig' will work if the old .config is from
> different architecture (like sparc) and I have to configure it for aarch64.
> The old .config file is a minimal configuration with timer, interrupt
> controller and uart for minimal linux booting.
> Thanks!
Chan Kim
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you need to define "working".

I bet it would work to produce a config that is syntactically correct.
whether it builds a bootable kernel is less clear.

Ive only built and installed to hw 1 non-x86 kernel,
so my experience isnt relevant to other arches, ymmv

you should try defconfig for aarch64
your .config, updated with oldconfig
diff them, see whats happened to various CONFIG vars
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