how to avoid CPU watchdog error during debug

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Sun Aug 29 21:46:31 EDT 2021

> since many things are time depending in the kernel it is difficult to stop
> parts of the kernel. The question is if it is really absolutely necessary
> to do this? Why you can not do it by logging with printk?
> Debugging is described in:
> informatiques/cours-&-manuels-
> informatiques/Linux/Linux%20Kernel%20Development,%203rd%20Edition.pdf
> See Chapter 18 Debugging
> Thanks! Bye Philipp
Hi, Philipp,
I've found your answer too late. Thanks for the info(I learned something
about the early_prink from the book). 
Actually, shortly after I sent my question, I learned how to make printk
appear in the console (not in the dmesg buffer) and was using it.
(I added the line "kernel.prink = 5 4 1 7" in the /etc/sysctl.conf file.  
So I've set the default console log level to 5 making default printk appear
in the console.)

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