[RFC PATCH v2 05/10] block: Add block device sysfs attribute to set/clear/show LED

Ian Pilcher arequipeno at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 11:44:07 EDT 2021

On 8/8/21 11:21 PM, Jackie Liu wrote:
>> +// Returns a pointer to the first whitespace character in s (or a pointer to
>> +// the terminating null), which is effectively a pointer to the position *after*
>> +// the last character in the non-whitespace token at the beginning of s.  (s is
>> +// expected to be the result of a previous call to blk_ledtrig_skip_whitespace.)
> These are not linux kernel style comments.

Do you mean kernel-doc comments?  If so, they're not supposed to be, as
the functions are not exported.

>> +static const char *blk_ledtrig_find_whitespace(const char *s)     ^^^^^^

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