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Hi Saket,
Thanks for response. I would like to tell saket in AOSP there is no support for my device but yes i do have complete support for linux-mainline.

For me to work android perfectly on my device what do you think where i should change in AOSP , do you have any idea about like where some arch specific changes needs to be done in AOSP??

Kindly share the references as well if you have

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Hi Pankaj,

Like Greg mentioned there has been a lot of effort in getting android kernel mainlined so most probably you will not find any issues there.

Most of the Boards(SOCs) are supported in kernel via device tree, configs etc.

For android userspace and libraries refer -

Saket Sinha

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Ok, Exactly i was looking for any changes are there w.r.t BSP in linux-mainline kernel and android kernel but you made me clear with like there will be no changes in linux kernel source code including drivers,dtsi  right ??

Yes i do agree i am paying for BSP to the board vendors but i was trying to get the things which needs to changes as my vendor doesnt provide support for android and i want to make android up with my device which have support for linux only.


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On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 06:54:49AM +0000, Pankaj  Vinodrao Joshi wrote:
> Hi Greg KH,
> i understood BSP (Board support packages ) contains u-boot , drivers
> ,dts  apart from this what are the elements of BSP i am not able to
> understand.

It all depends on who you got this "BSP" from.  You are paying for
support from the vendor whose chip you bought, why not consult their
documentation and ask them for help?

> Scenario is, i want to port linux BSP to the android BSP and for that
> i am trying to gather the information about the BSP, what exectly it
> is, where i should change all kind of stuff

At the kernel level, there is no difference between "linux bsp" and
"android bsp", it's all just Linux down there.

And again, ask your vendor for this help, you are paying for it already.

> Hope i made you clear with what i am looking for

Not really, sorry. Please be specific as to what you have tried and what
did not work.


greg k-h
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