PCI / PCIe Device Memory - Rationale for Choosing MMIO Over PMIO (and Visa-Versa)

Jack Winch sunt.un.morcov at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 10:07:43 EST 2020

Hey Greg,

> I think you should be talking to hardware people about this, as this is
> almost always due to hardware limitations/issues/design decisions.

To be honest, I anticipated a response along these lines (after
briefly speaking to another individual on this matter).  They
commented on how this decision was usually made and asserted by the
hardware engineer(s).

> The PCI-SIG should have a bunch of resources about this, have you looked
> into that?

I haven't as of yet, but I'll shift focus onto their resources next.
Do any specific resources of theirs spring to mind offhand?  No
worries if not - I'm not afraid to spend time searching them out.

Thanks for the quick response and your time. :)


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