the same name of external kernel module as one of source file

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Tue May 5 09:39:11 EDT 2020

If I have something like this in makefile:
obj-m := reset-core.o
reset-core-y := reset-core-main.o reset-core-utils.o
then module is built OK.
If I have something like that:
 obj-m := reset-core.o
reset-core-y := reset-core.o reset-core-utils.o
then it is wrongly built.
So I will replace all source file characters '-' to '_' and I will have:
obj-m := reset-core.o
reset-core-y := reset_core.o reset_core_utils.o
and everything will be OK, but it is a bit frustrating that code rules me
instead of me rules code. Maybe there is another solution?
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