Would .DTSIs without DTS be accepted into the kernel?

Dávid Virág virag.david003 at gmail.com
Mon May 4 09:51:33 EDT 2020


I have an Android phone that I'd like to see running on the mainline kernel
one day. Currently it runs a downstream 4.4 kernel. Since the stock (closed
source) bootloader on the phone only really checks the SOC in a property in
the DTBs but not the model of the phone, I'm sure a DTS for the phone
wouldn't be accepted in the kernel, because it would match other devices
with the same SOC. My question is this: Would DTSIs for it's SOC, and its
components be merged without any DTS actually including them? That way if
the phone would ever get a more proper bootloader for it that checks the
model properly, the only thing that would need to be done is just making a
DTS with the correct compatible property in it, and until then if someone
would want to run it on his phone, the diff between the fork they would
need to use and upstream would just be the DTS.

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