Kernel Project : Implement network interface default labeling for Smack

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Tue Apr 28 21:08:27 EDT 2020

On Tue, 28 Apr 2020 19:45:56 +0530, Suraj Upadhyay said:
> 	I saw a kernel project on [1].
> Which goes like this :-
> > Implement network interfce default labeling for Smack.
> > Today all unlabeled networking traffic is treated with one
> > "ambient" Smack label. This project consists of taking advantage
> > of mechanisms already in the labeled networking code to allow
> > different labels to be assigned to packets based on the itnerface
> > upon which they appeared.
> > Difficulty 5.
> I see that the project has not been done yet, as I cannot find any
> described implementation, correct my if I go wrong here.
> I really want this to be my first kernel project. I am a relatively
> new comer to the community, and I want to contribute in all my capacity.

Note that this is a lot harder to do correctly than it looks.   For starters,
it's not entirely obvious that "label according to interface" is the best
semantic. A better one is probably "based on packet origin" - which gets
interesting now that Wireguard has landed in the kernel. VLANs need to be
considered, and you *definitely* want to re-use the CONFIG_NETWORK_SECMARK code
that AppArmor and SELinux use for network packets. Also, supporting CIPSO would
be pretty much mandatory...

And looking at Documentation/admin-guide/LSM/Smack.rst, it appears that SMACK
is a lot more label-aware than the project description indicates.

In any case, I'm quite sure that Casey will agree with me that "Here There Be Dragons". :)
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