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Jeffrey Walton noloader at
Wed Apr 22 15:59:04 EDT 2020

On Sat, Apr 18, 2020 at 1:57 PM Bijan Tabatabai <bijan311 at> wrote:
> I tried to send a patch to the linux-trace-devel mailing list using git-send-email, and the email got bounced back to me with the message
> > 553: 5.7.1 Hello [], for your MAIL FROM address <bijan311 at> policy analysis reported: Your address is not liked source for email
> After some googling, it seems like the problem is my email address has been banned from sending emails to the mailing list. I can't imagine I've been banned specifically because that was my first time sending an email to a kernel list. Is the problem due to the mail server banning yahoo email addresses in general?
> If so, would switching to gmail or my university email solve the problem?
> As an additional etiquette question:
> I also CC'd the maintainer in the patch, and I believe the email got through to him. When I get this problem resolved, should I CC him again when I resend the patch, or just send the patch to the mailing list?

Hi Bijan,

Even Google is flagging your mails:

Maybe you can you switch mail programs or mail providers?


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