Email being rejected by

Bijan Tabatabai bijan311 at
Sat Apr 18 13:56:30 EDT 2020


I tried to send a patch to the linux-trace-devel mailing list using git-send-email, and the email got bounced back to me with the message
> 553: 5.7.1 Hello [], for your MAIL FROM address <bijan311 at> policy analysis reported: Your address is not liked source for email

After some googling, it seems like the problem is my email address has been banned from sending emails to the mailing list. I can't imagine I've been banned specifically because that was my first time sending an email to a kernel list. Is the problem due to the mail server banning yahoo email addresses in general? 
If so, would switching to gmail or my university email solve the problem?

As an additional etiquette question:
I also CC'd the maintainer in the patch, and I believe the email got through to him. When I get this problem resolved, should I CC him again when I resend the patch, or just send the patch to the mailing list?

Thank you.

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