GPIO IRQ for Meson gxbb

Gaurav Pathak gauravpathak129 at
Fri May 31 07:57:55 EDT 2019


I am currently trying to use GPIO IRQ on Odroid-C2 board.
I have compiled a working image having Linux Kernel 5.0.6. It has
Pin-control driver and Interrupt Controller driver enabled.
However, I am not getting any idea as to how should I request IRQ for
a particular GPIO pin say for e.g. GPIOX.10. The "gpio_to_irq()" call
is not working and it is returning "-6".
I don't want to write a platform driver, I just want to write a simple
out of tree character driver.
I tried to get an idea from "drivers/gpio/", but they all seems to be
platform driver.
I would be really helpful if anyone can point me to a working gpio IRQ
example for Linux 5.0.6 kernel.

Gaurav Pathak

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