how to determine whether the source code is same between two kernels

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Wed May 8 09:43:22 EDT 2019

On Wed, 08 May 2019 16:52:46 +0800, wuzhouhui said:
> Suppose I have two kernels, one is A.B.C build by people Tom. And
> the other is A.B.C build by Jerry. The source code have been deleted
> after kernel is build and installed. Now I want to know whether the
> source code of these two kernel is the same (even if they have the same
> name). All I have is binaries (e.g. vmlinux, config, *.ko,
> Is it possible?

The problem is that I can build my kernel with gcc5 (or even a gcc4.mumble),
and the binaries are going to be different than what the same exact source tree
produces with gcc 9.1.1.

Of course, the *correct* solution is to hold both Tom and Jerry to the
requirements of the GPL, and force them to give you the kernel source trees
that went into those kernels that they distributed, and then compare the trees.

What? You say neither one can actually do so? Then why are you accepting and
using kernels from them, rather than shunning them as the GPL violators they

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