Help: using the scull driver

Yacov Simhony ysimhony at
Tue Jun 11 14:58:44 EDT 2019


I'd like to ask how can I use the scull driver today?
The scull driver appears in the book "Linux Device Drivers, Third

I am using linux vesion 5.1.6

I found the code of scull here:

But, it says there that the code is compatible with linux version 2.6.35.

I've tried to port the code to run with my linux version, but I got
stuck when it comes to exchange the old semaphores with the newly
introduced mutexes.

I also tried to install linux version 2.6.35 on my machine, but I could
compile the code. I assume it's related to the gcc version, but I don't
know how to handle this.

Can you give me some advice here?


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