[OSSNA] Intro to kernel hacking tutorial

Tobin C. Harding me at tobin.cc
Thu Jul 4 22:50:55 EDT 2019


I am doing a tutorial at OSSNA in San Diego on getting into kernel
hacking.  I'm only a couple of years deep into kernel hacking so I
wanted to reach out to those more experienced than myself (and those
less experienced).

Is there any thing that you would really like to see covered in this

If you are a grey beard is there anything that you have been lamenting
us newbies not knowing/doing?

If you are a newbie is there anything that you are struggling with that
you really want to learn?

Current format/content: the tutorial will attempt to bridge the gap in
the learning process between the 'first patch' page on kernelnewbies.org
wiki and being 'comfortable' patching the kernel via LKML.  Outcome will
(hopefully) be a small patch set into drivers/staging/.  (Don't worry
Greg only one group got to this stage last time, you won't get flooded
with patches :)


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