Need help: how to locate failure from irq_chip subsystem

Pintu Agarwal at
Fri Jan 18 06:20:10 EST 2019

> >> Could you please tell which QCOM SoC this board is based on?
> >>
> >
> > Snapdragon 845 with kernel 4.9.x
> > I want to know from which subsystem it is triggered:drivers/soc/qcom/
> >
> Irqchip driver is "drivers/irqchip/irq-gic-v3.c". The kernel you are
> using is msm-4.9 I suppose or some other kernel?
Yes, I am using customized version of msm-4.9 kernel based on Android.
And yes the irqchip driver is: irq-gic-v3, which I can see from config.

But, what I wanted to know is, how to find out which driver module
(hopefully under: /drivers/soc/qcom/) that register with this
irq_chip, is getting triggered at the time of crash ?
So, that I can implement irq_hold function for it, which is the cause of crash.

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