Understanding memory fragmentation in Linux kernel

Richard Siegfried richard_siegfried at systemli.org
Sun Jan 13 13:36:22 EST 2019

On 31/12/2018 07:28, Amit Agarwal wrote:
> I am not requesting help in resolving the issue with application (I will
> be able to debug that), but only need help in understanding the memory
> fragmentation part. ( I gave details of original problem so that I can
> explain what I am trying to understand and why). 
To get a deeper understanding of memomry managment (and fragmentation)
on linux I would recommend the Memory Managment case study chapter of
"Modern Operating Systems" from Andrew S Tanenbaum.

It has a own Case Study Study Part with Chapters for several modern
Operating Systems, one being Linux. There it covers its Memory managment
in nice detail.

-- Richard

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