The Kernel knows. But how ? Did the acpi make a secret dead drop ?

Jay Aurabind jay.aurabind at
Sun Jan 6 03:52:34 EST 2019


The subject line might be a bit dramatic, but I assure you my question is

I have a 3-axis accelerometer (LIS3LV02DL) in my laptop which shows up as
an input device. Since its x86, I am assuming the necessary information was
encoded in ACPI Tables. But I cannot find any mention of this device in the
acpi tables exposed by the kernel.

I tried grepping through all the ACPI tables in /sys/firmware/acpi/tables.
I was hoping to find some string that could identify the corresponding
kernel drivers. But there are no hits for "lis". I suppose string based
literals are not the way acpi works like in kernel device-driver matching.
The driver in question is  drivers/misc/lis3lv02d/lis3lv02d.c

So what exactly in the ACPI triggered the kernel module lis3lv02d to be
loaded ?


Thanks and Regards,
*Aurabindo J*
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