/proc/modules not showing any output

Aruna Hewapathirane aruna.hewapathirane at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 10:57:05 EST 2018


> I think, on my test machine, by default, there are many modules which
> get added during boot up, which with vanilla kernel is not happening.
> Thanks for your input.
> Regards,
> ~Praveen.
What does lsmod show you in the vanilla kernel ? If you want the same
modules to load in the vanilla
kernel folow steps given below:

1 -boot into the older 4.4.162-78-defaultkernel
2 - change into the vanilla kernel source 4.20.0-rc6 builddirectory
3 - $ lsmod > lsmod.txt
4 - $ make LSMOD="lsmod.txt" localmodconfig

Boot into your newly compiled vanilla kernel and run lsmod and smile :-)

Hope this helps - Aruna
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