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Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Sun Dec 16 10:32:42 EST 2018

On Sun, 16 Dec 2018, R. Engür Pişirici wrote:

>  Hello All,
> Before starting to ask my question, I would like to apologize about
> asking a silly question. Mostly, i always try to find answers by
> reading, searching, digging, etc. However, i really couldnt find a
> proper answer for my question.
> My question is about l2tp/pptp drivers in kernel. pptp driver is in
> /drivers/net. But, l2tp driver is in /net I want to know why they
> reside in different paths? What did i miss?

  typically, what you find under /net is code for general networking
*protocols*, while drivers/net contains actual device drivers for
physical devices. sometimes, the split is not perfect.



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