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Rob Rennison rob at
Mon Oct 30 20:44:18 EDT 2017

If you use vim or emacs  then cscope is very useful for spelunking the sources.

At the top level of your kernel source tree use the cscope target under make

    make cscope

Vim from 7 ish onwards is compiled with +cscope so it automatically recognizes
cscope.out files.

Within vim you can use the default keybindings of CTRL-] to jump to a
definition of a variable or function and CTRL-t to jump back. There are many
more for finding for ex who calls a given function.

Just make sure you open vim in the top level directory, the same one as the
cscope.out file which was created when you invoked "make cscope"

Works with emacs too, but I'm not an emacs user.

The documentation on cscope can be a bit confusing, since cscope may be used
in an interactive curses  mode, this is not something I've ever found useful.

So focus on investigating vim cscope bindings and vimrc mappings.


Rob Rennison

Regarding "searching
On 10/31 08:55, Tobin C. Harding wrote: 
> CC'd Thomas because I read online recently him commenting on web based
> cross reference tools. 
> Hi,
> Does any one use a terminal based source code cross referencer to search
> the kernel tree?
> thanks,
> Tobin.
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