How to disable building of -dbg Debian package?

Aleksander Alekseev afiskon at
Fri Sep 30 09:25:57 EDT 2016

Thanks for your replies!

> disable CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO and -dbg package will not be built.
> But this package can be very useful, if you are going to debug kernel
> code. SystemTap, crash, makedumpfile need debug symbols.

Indeed, commenting CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO option disables building -dbg
package. Just what I needed!

> Maybe the relatively new "bindeb-pkg" target is closer to what you
> want?

bindeb-pkg doesn't disable building -dbg package, but it helps in
another way. When this target is used only .deb package are built,
all .tar.gz archives, .changes and stuff like this are disabled. It
also speeds up building a little, thanks!

Best regards,
Aleksander Alekseev
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