device_create_file() and device_remove_file()

Matias Mucciolo mmucciolo at
Wed Sep 14 13:46:41 EDT 2016

im looking at the driver:

(trying to clean up __ATTR with DEVICE_ATTR_RO/_RW)

line 663 creates sysfs files(in a for) :

rc = device_create_file(&dcon_device->dev, &dcon_device_files[i]);
if (rc) {
	dev_err(&dcon_device->dev, "Cannot create sysfs file\n");
	goto ecreate;

if it fails, then in the goto removes the created ones
with device_remove_file() and exits

the question i have is: 
if don't fails and the files are created ...
in that code i don't see any other device_remove_file() call
to remove the files when, for example, the module unload.

i thinking its because when its load and used by the device they can't
be unload ?? so they don't need to clean up those files ?
or i missing something ?



Matias Mucciolo

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