memblock_reserve or memblock_remove to reserve a page

Nikhil Utane nikhil.subscribed at
Fri Sep 9 05:29:14 EDT 2016


I want to reserve a physical memory page with a fixed PFN. I do not want
this page to be used by anyone else. I am calling memblock_reserve() to
supposedly reserve the page. I am writing some content into this page. What
I see is that during some runs the content of this page is modified (either
fully or sometimes partially). In few runs, I see it as intact. Is it
expected that even after calling memblock_reserve() the kernel can allocate
this physical page for any other purpose? How is memblock_remove()
different from memblock_reserve? I tried reading up but didn't see any
useful information. What I understood is memblock_remove will completely
remove from kernel's allocation mechanism. Should I then be using remove
instead of reserve?

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