Creating sysfs brightness for every led channels

Raul Piper raulpblooper at
Mon Sep 5 14:27:35 EDT 2016

I am trying to send the brightness value ( for 5 channels) by
 echo "val1val2val3val4val5" > brightness ,
But seems like even if I change the brightness type to enum or int in my
driver ,I will never be able to send the brightness string because led
class defines the brightness value as enum.

*extern void led_set_brightness(struct led_classdev *led_cdev,
enum led_brightness brightness);*

Only possible way I am finding is to create attributes for each channel
like brightness,default trigger,max_brightness and any user defined
attributes, but i am not getting how to do this.
Can some on please comment or post the link to the example driver.
Do i have to call led_class_register for every channel and I have to
 define every channel in the device tree?
Thanks in advance !
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