spidev on davinci

Denis Obrezkov denisobrezkov at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 05:05:48 EDT 2016

Hello, I am trying to use spidev to send messages via spi on OMAP-L137 EVM
I have an spidev entry in /dev, but when I try to send data, I have the
following message:

spidev spi1.0: SPI transfer failed: -22
spi_master spi1: failed to transfer one message from queue

Debugging using printk, I found out that a probe function is called, and
after this transfer_one_message is called. In transfer_one_message
master->transfer_one() function is called and returned with the error.
But I can't find the implementation of transfer_one function for

So, I have two questions:
What implementation is used by default when transfer_one implementation
isn't provided?
Should I write my own implementation of transfer_one function&

Regards, Denis Obrezkov
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