Developing Linux Kernel Driver for LED Driver

Raul Piper raulpblooper at
Tue Jun 14 00:29:39 EDT 2016

PS:Reposting it from the led-linux group to here.
I am developing a Linux kernel driver(software) for a 16 channel LED
driver(this driver here refers to the hardware of LED called LED
Driver ) .Below are few of its characteristics

DC input voltage range : 10 V to 28 V
Integrated boost converter with adaptive output voltage
16 channels  and independent PWM brightness control
Up to 15 white LEDs per channel
On-board microcontroller for total device control through 4-wire
serial interface
LED short-circuit faults management

I have done some brute force work by creating a user space application
to do some portion of the LED glowing, I know its not a full fledged

I want to know on the below points :
1. How can I convert it into a GPIO driver and the standard Framework
with which I can integrate it.
2.The architecture of the user space application to test this driver
3.The requirement for the Device Tree configuration for this.
4.The name of the LED class driver maintainer in the kernel linux, to
whom I have to send the patch?
5.Any other mandatory requirement to which I have to adhere to for
pushing the device driver to the main line.

PS : I am using TI's beagleboard for developing the driver on the kernel 4.1x.

Any reference example for such n channel Led driver will be helpful .


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