lightweight live os for bisect

Matwey V. Kornilov matwey.kornilov at
Thu Jul 21 03:10:54 EDT 2016


I would like to make a long-range bisect (unfortunately) to find where 
an issue appeared. The issue is present only on single one laptop, where 
I don't want to alter OS or somehow intrude things.
Moreover, when I usually do `git bisect' between subsequent releases, I 
am fine with ordinarily 'make install', which is not the case now, 
because, for instance, 2.6.xx just won't run with modern systemd things 
(or, correctly, systemd things won't run with 2.6.xx).

So, I would like to discover a way to compile USB live image with as 
simple as possible OS using precompiled ./linux tree. Only my test 
executable is required to run after the boot to show whether the issue here.
So, what would you recommend? Or, how do you solve such problem usually?

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