Kernel Panic in FIPS mode

Tapas Sarangi tapas.sarangi at
Tue Feb 23 14:41:50 EST 2016

I am recompiling 3.18.27 on a platform derived from el6. FIPS mode is
enabled by checking the following configs:


Following RH docs, initramfs was regenerated using dracut-fips (el6).
I also generated hmac signed vmlinuz during the compilation.

During boot, kernel panics with the following trace:
kernel line has the arguments, 'fips=1 boot=/dev/sda1'.

"end Kernel Panic - not syncing: Module crc32c_intel signature
verification failed in FIPS mode"

Some additional  info:
It seems under fips mode, initrd runs, './sbin/' which then
runs 'modprobe tcrypt'.

I tried running modprobe tcrypt without the fips mode on the same
kernel, but it fails with this message.

FATAL: Error inserting tcrypt
(/lib/modules/3.18.27-1.timbuktu/kernel/crypto/tcrypt.ko.gz): Unknown
symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)

Looking at dmesg:

[   31.248054] sha256_ssse3: Using AVX optimized SHA-256 implementation

[   31.308174] sha512_ssse3: Using AVX optimized SHA-512 implementation

[   31.407674] alg: No test for crc32 (crc32-pclmul)

[   31.408410] alg: No test for crc32 (crc32-table)

[   31.409086] alg: hash: Failed to load transform for hmac(crc32): -2

[   31.413155] alg: No test for fips(ansi_cprng) (fips_ansi_cprng)

[   31.440281] tcrypt: one or more tests failed!

Now, one of these messages,

[   31.409086] alg: hash: Failed to load transform for hmac(crc32): -2

comes, most likely from :

linux-3.18.27/crypto/tcrypt.c (L1498)

        case 110:

                ret += tcrypt_test("hmac(crc32)");


and also from


     .alg = "hmac(crc32)",

                .test = alg_test_hash,

                .suite = {

                        .hash = {

                                .vecs = bfin_crc_tv_template,

                                .count = BFIN_CRC_TEST_VECTORS



Any suggestion on how to solve this problem would be appreciated.
Please let me know if I can provide more info. I am ready to help on

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