Finding when a chip was supported in the kernel

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Mon Feb 15 12:04:55 EST 2016

Rob Groner <rgroner at> writes:

> Hmm...I don't think I share the idea that it was extremely easy.  :)

OK :)

> But it is something I can try at least, assuming I can get at least as
> far as figuring out which driver file a particular chip gets its
> support from.  With Intel chips, that IS pretty easy.
> Using the blame I see that it gives a date and a commit reference.
> How do I then correlate that to the kernel version where it first
> showed up?  I'm assuming there's a git command for showing that.

That was the other command Carlo gave, which I failed to quote.  Sorry
about that. Carlo wrote:

> git describe --contains $SHA


bjorn at nemi:/usr/local/src/git/linux$  git describe --contains 4662e82b2cb41


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