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Wed Feb 10 14:14:35 EST 2016


On 16-02-02 06:46:33, Asharaf P wrote:
> Hai,
> I was looking for SPI slave support and found some patches at linux-spi mailing list[1].
> I am using custom branch[2] from freescale based on 3.14,  on which the above patch failed, so how can i find the base version of the above patch set, also can anyone help me to find the status of the patchset, because i didn't find it merged on any tree.

I guess this is the sixth version of the patchset

and there was of course a third

AFAICT a seventh version has not been posted yet and so not merged. Since
this is a recent patchset from 2015 this is probably based on one of the
latest 4.x series kernel. Mostly you will have to backport.


> [1] : http://marc.info/?l=linux-arm-kernel&m=144320405317902&w=2
> [2] : http://git.freescale.com/git/cgit.cgi/imx/linux-2.6-imx.git/log/?h=imx_3.14.38_6qp_ga
> Regards 
> Asharaf P
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