viability of supporting interrupts in user space driver?

Anupam Kapoor anupam.kapoor at
Fri Nov 20 03:40:59 EST 2015

>>>>> [2015-11-20T13:08:46+0530]: "Robert P. J. Day" (robert-pj-day):
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| some colleagues are considering implementing some user space drivers
| that need to recognize and process interrupts. i'm aware of the
| possibilities -- UIO, for example -- but other than the technical
| possibility of doing that, can anyone provide feedback on the
| viability or benchmarking of that?
| is there an example someone can point at that demonstrates the
| goodness or not of such an approach? has anyone out there done this,
| and lived to regret it in terms of performance? thanks.
well, dpdk folks seem to be doing just that for quite a while, and seem
to be doing not too shabby in that space.

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