looking for decent, current online discussion of user-space drivers

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Tue Nov 17 05:13:52 EST 2015

  a colleague asks me about the implications of porting a pile of code
from a non-linux embedded OS to linux, and simply rewriting most of it
as user-space drivers, as opposed to a total rewrite to kernel code.
i'm in no way an authority on user-space drivers, so i'm looking for
any decent, up-to-date discussions, not so much on the technical
aspects, but more the *implications* of doing this.

  i'm aware of mmap(), and i'm reading up on UIO, and i've found a few
online pieces that look informative:


so is there something that elaborates on both the pros and cons of
doing this? in particular, are there any nice examples of this that
can be downloaded, built and played with? thanks muchly.



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