How to get list of all files open in the system

Sergei Starovoi sergei.starovoi at
Sat Nov 14 13:13:26 EST 2015

Hi, all.

I'm writing a kernel module. One of its tasks requires getting full paths of all open files in the system.

My first solution essentially looks like:
 for_each_process_thread(process, thread)
  iterate_fd(files, 0, my_callback, NULL);
my_callback calls d_path for passed file->f_path to get its full path.

But this solution has obvious problems:
   A. It will skip files which were opened directly from kernel code (using filp_open for example);
   B. It iterates over fd_table for each thread, performing a lot of unnecessary work (invoking my_callback multiple times for one file).

My questions are:
1) Is there any bettter way to get full paths of all open files?
2) If there is no better way, what kind of locking should i use
   a) to protect access to task list when invoking for_each_process_thread?
   b) to protect access to thread's fd_table when invoking iterate_fd?
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