Download patch from email.

Silvan Jegen me at
Sun Feb 15 04:30:22 EST 2015

On Sun, Feb 15, 2015 at 08:11:51AM +0200, Elazar Leibovich wrote:
> I use "|".
>     $ cd ~/linux-source
>     $ mutt
>     (select email with patch)
>     |git am
> Git applies the patch to the current directory

Ah, I knew about '|' but I did not know that git am can read from stdin
as well, nice!

> Last note, from gmail, one can use the "show original" menu item, and
> save/copy-paste the text from there. git am would understand that.

Yes, I do that when I am not on my computer... I think all webmail
clients I have used do have a 'Show original' (or similar) option whose
text you can just copy paste.



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