Regarding enumerating Block devices registered in kernel mode

vaibhav vaibhav92 at
Tue Nov 12 03:47:07 EST 2013

Thanks for replying Richard,

I need to access the blockdevice structure associated with each block device
so that I can patch its block_device_operations to receive ioctls calls in
my code. In my code I check for ioctls that I handle and pass it to the
original ioctl handler if the ioctl is not understood by me.  

I intend to patch these block_device structures during my module
initialization hence I need to iterate all BD's available in the system at
that point. Also need to keep track of new BD's appearing in the system so
that I can patch them as soon as they are available.

Thanks Again,

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On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 6:24 AM, vaibhav <vaibhav92 at> wrote:
> I am working on a kernel module wherein I need to enumerate all the 
> block devices registered with the kernel. Also looking for 
> notifications when a block device gets added/remove. Google didn't 
> help much and the thought of reading the contents of /sys/block from
kernel mode  looks messy to me.
> Looking for guidance on performing this enumeration.

Why do you need this within the kernel?
Sounds much like a userspace job done in kernel land...


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