Kexec drops to initramfs prompt

Paul Davies C pauldaviesc at
Sat Jun 29 11:03:29 EDT 2013

   I am trying to use the kexec to load a compiled kernel in a virtual
machine that is ran  using qemu. Here are the steps that I followed.

   1. Compiled kernel on my Ubuntu to create bzImage.
   2. Copied this bzImage to the virtual machine(debian)
   3. In the virtual machine, I created an initial ramdisk using the
   command *mkinitramfs -o initrd.img*
   4. I loaded the image to the kernel using the command *kexec -l bzImage
   --append="`root=UUID=<string> ro quiet`" --initrd=initrd.img*. The
   append was done based on  /proc/cmdline.
   5. Now I did a *kexec -e * which after some warning messages dropped me
   in to an initramfs prompt. One of the warning read as follows
   * *does not exist.*

Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong? Please note that I have
*on my current kernel of debian VM .

*Paul Davies C*
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